Week 7, Falling behind the pac again!

Life is getting in the way!  Not sure of what to do. So with some courage I reached to the God Father of the MKMMA system. You know, Don Corleone!   I was dreading the call.

The hours ticked away since I had made the request. It seemed like an eternity was passing by.  It was late and I was tired.    As I was fading out the phone rang and it startled me!  I looked at the caller ID and it was him!  The God Father of the MKMMA!

I hesitated for a second and I picked up the phone and said “hello God Father, thanks for calling me back!”   With that grumpily voice he said,”my son what is the problem?  “What is the decision you can’t seem to make?”  I did not know how to start to explain what my hesitation was.   I told

him I wanted to stay in the family but I did not think I could carry out the hit that was required to complete the course!   As I ranted on and on throwing up on him with excuse after excuse. Negative thoughts were pouring out of me like the water over Niagara Falls; he stopped me dead in my tracks!

It was like he slapped me in the face!  He said with that low and stern voice, “my son when you join the family you made a commitment do what you were asked to do, correct?”.  I said God Father I know, but I don’t think I can carry out the job to kill my current self.  To take out by existing blue print and re-alien myself to the traditions of the family!  He said I was pathetic and additied to my

own self.   “Pep-tides” were controlling my negative thoughts and if I was not willing to make the hit on myself, the family would have no use for me. He said I could continue to live by my methods creating depression and self-pity.  He made it very clear I was the root cause of my current set of circumstances and in our family we take responsibilities for our own actions!

I said but God Father, how can I carry out this hideous deed and take out my blueprint that I have had for so many years!  He said there are many ways my son to make this happen.  But you first have to believe that you can do it.  It has to come from with-in you and NO where else!

Your heart will bleed and you will at first resist!   But you have no other choice if you want my respect and to stay in the Family!   He said he will give me the secret to compete the job!  He said he was only going to tell me once!

There was a moment of silence as I pondered on what the big magical secret he was going to tell me that would get me back on track!   As the words came out I could not believe what I heard!

He said with that low grumbling voice!  “My son, DO THE WORK“.  I was silent; my brain was filling up with hundreds of thoughts racing around!  He then said Giuseppe, gabish?  I said yes sir I understand!   He said, OK let me go.. Good Fellows was coming on and he loves to watch that move!  They took allot of stuff from me!  I should knock them off but I like Ray Liotta.  I always said to stay away from the drugs.

Then he hung up!   I sat there silently and said Wow!!   Did that just happen!!


Week 5 MKMMA — The climb now seams impossible.. Time for a sit down with my Subby…

This time of year I always seem to come down with a sinus infection that leads to bronchitis.  It knocked my socks off.  I am in the middle of a personal relocation and had to move major stuff all weekend.  I missed the class and I am falling way behind.  Being sick I could see the conscious mind was week and tired and the subby started to take over.  The old blueprint was creeping back in.  Feeling better and trying real hard to catch up..

So far the MKMMA course and work has helped realize and if I continually apply myself and learn the principles I can take control and re-set sails and that journey I have dreamed about for so long!

Week 3 in the MKMMA… what a week!

When they say life can get in the way, I learned that it sure can.  I am trying and trying hard to balance all the things in my life and complete this course.   I have slipped a little and the subby was gaining back ground. My ups and downs were all over the place this week..   The battle with-in has been fierce at times but I can clearly see the class work, exercises and reading is working!  I am finding I am gaining more positive energy when I am up and good things are happening with my daily endeavors!

I have created some friction with others because I am noticing with all the things that people are saying to me in response to a good solution to help them, are all excuses of the mind and I can clearly see how the sub-conscious mind of negative thoughts can really dictate a persons ability to be an achiever and just except mediocrity in their lives.   When you can offer a simple solution to bring resources to help someone and all they do is spit out one thought after another on why it will not work for them!  Knowing all along that they cannot be 100% sure if it would or would not work and the sub-conscious mind comes out with the thought that it will not work and denies any chance of them to have some success with a simple solution to their needs.

What I learned is to NOT take it personal and have my negative thoughts make me feel that I am not good enough to show people how to make a difference.

The road is bumpy and it seems impassable.. but I will continue on!

Week two was very interesting.  I am finding this more difficult at the moment see myself completing the requirements.   But I know it will be worth it.  I was feeling (keyword) that I would not be able to continue..  But I know that quitting is not a option for me.  Working my DMP/Dharma is starting to look like a map to my future desires and goals. Life is a journey.  But I am finding out that I can control that journey.  And at this moment I feel that my journey has been me drifting in the abyss of discontent , disappoint, dis-pare distress .  I have not been getting the results I desire and I have been feeling like I have failed.  My financial resources are suffering and I have been placing blame on the world, the economy and things I can not control.   I am good at what I do, people really benefit with the knowledge i have to offer and service I provide.  I need keep forging forward to make my break through happen.   If you not happy in your life,  do something about it!

The Journey to rebirth stated today!

Week 1 of the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance.   The Journey to rebirth stated today!  I am so excited to start my Master Keys Mastermind Alliance class.   I am ready to change the wall in front of me..  the wall is my thoughts that control my actions or lack of.    I know I will fall down and get stuck but I also know my fellow classmates and mentors will pick me and help me more forward!  The thought of change is hard. The commitment to change seams even harder.   The thoughts in my mind are stirring all around.   My sub concise mind is powerful..  It is my David and Goliath.   I  believe that I can conquer my Goliath and reset my course.  I will no longer constrict my future by dwelling on the past..  What is done is done!  Thoughts are only thought and are not my reality!    Joe Lanza